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Carsten Koster

Managing Director +49 (40) 24 42 48 - 10

With more than 25 years of experience in media research and media planning, Carsten Koster is an expert in the advertising industry. He was self-employed for a decade in the field of information management for marketing/communication and in IT consulting. Mr Koster is the Key Account Manager and Managing Director at AdVision digital.

Dirk Reinbothe

Consultant Sales, Key-Account Sales +49 (40) 24 42 48 - 10

Born in Baden, Dirk Reinbothe has been active in the media industry for over 30 years, specialising in media research and planning. After starting out at media control, Dirk Reinbothe worked for two decades at Nielsen in Germany in various roles and was responsible for the German audience measurement business as Managing Director for the last four years. Since the beginning of 2024, he has been Chief Commercial Director at AdVision digital.

Kirsten Schmidt-Vogler

Key-Account Sales +49 (40) 24 42 48 - 10

The world of media has been the professional home of the native Rhinelander for more than 30 years, first in the field of media planning and later as Media Director. In renowned agencies such as Springer & Jacoby Media, Mec and others, Kirsten Schmidt’s focus and passion was mainly on the automobile industry. After two years in sales office work of the Hamburg-based publishers Burda, she has now been responsible as Key Account Manager at AdVision digital since the beginning of 2020.

Sammy Nguyen

Data Lead +49 (40) 24 42 48 - 10

Sammy Nguyen is an expert in the field of market intelligence and marketing effectiveness. He began his career  as a Data Operations Specialist at Nielsen in the field of Out-of-Home and advertising statistics 15 years ago, later as the Product Manager in Commercial/Business he was responsible for the expansion of the products OOH and advertising statistics. Since the spring of 2019, Nguyen has been enriching AdVision digital with his many years of experience and passion for data as an interface between operations, IT & management.

Frank Rittmann

Production Manager +49 (40) 24 42 48 - 44

Frank Rittmann has been working in the world of media for more than 20 years. After training to become a bookseller and book publisher, he completed extra-occupational studies to become a bachelor of publishing and gathered many years of experience in a trade journal publishing house. There as departmental head, he was responsible for customer service and for dispatch handling. Mr Rittmann has been part of the AdVision team since October 2017 and he manages the department production/acquisition.

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