For the medium cinema, AdVision collects the latest commercials that run on screens across Germany. About 2,300 designs are added and archived every year. More than 12,000 cinema spots that could be seen from 2006 to this day in the cinema can be accessed in the AdZyklopädie.

The following types of cinema are monitored:

•    Family cinemas  
•    Multiplex
•    Programme cinemas
•    Drive-in cinemas
•    IMAX theatres  
•    Open-air cinemas
•    Multi-purpose cinemas

AdVision provides all the usual digital release formats:

•    MPEG2 (cinema 1:1) in 6 MBit  
•    MPEG1
•    Adobe Flash
•    MPEG4 H.264 (for MAC Quicktime)
•    WMV as ASF (Version 9 for Windows-Mediaplayer PC)
•    3GP (for mobile phones)
•    Storyboard with nine images as jpeg
•    Further formats upon request

Hier können Sie auch unsere Datenbank nach Ihren gewünschten Titeln durchsuchen.


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