Transport Media

Whether at railway stations or on buses and trains, AdVision digital comprehensively collects places of transportation and means of transportation ads. With this eye-catching means of out-of-home media, large parts of the population can be reached every day.

In 2019 alone, more than 11.6 billion passengers travelled on local and long-distance transportation. Target groups here can be addressed in manifold and creative ways – by way of exteriors such as designed vehicles and screens or by side-window posters and Haltestangenanhänger on the inside.

AdVision digital collects the various out-of-home media in the following media-specific dimensions:

  •     OOH analogue-digital (analysis of advertising areas analogue vs. digital)
  •     OOH placing periods (analysis according to decade and CLP weeks)
  •     OOH touchpoint
  •     OOH subcategory
  •     OOH advertising media

The following transport media advertising media in the touchpoints, railway stations, tube stations as well as on buses and trains are collected:

  •     City-light posters
  •     Huge posters
  •     Advertising indication signs
  •     Floor films
  •     Light and individual advertising
  •     Videoboards
  •     Screens
  •     Long-distance transportation
  •     Partial design
  •     Full design
  •     Interior advertising
  •     Traffic boards

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