Editorial Mentioning Monitor (EdiMon) – directly measuring the advantages of editorial mentioning

Editorial credits are a key component in a combination of communication. With the EdiMon Tool, the advantages of editorial mentioning can be measured specifically. AdVision digital captures the scope and means of editorial mentioning of all brands and products in more than 430 magazines and websites. We code information such as magazine, issue, page number and size in a holistic standard. Furthermore, we determine the monetary value of the advantage of the mention in euros, the tonality of the reporting as well as the contents of the editorial environment.

Simple analysis of the communicative overall picture

Besides information about the editorial credits, the EdiMon Tool also covers information about the paid advertising in the same environments. This means a full map of the overall effect of the communication can be created simply and quickly. The calculation of editorial credits to become a gross advertising value enables a consistent calculation of both means of presence.

Offsetting of editorial mentions to the gross advertising value in the EdiMon tool from AdVision digital

Detailed search function

The detailed and structured search function of the EdiMon Tool facilitates searches on a company, brand, product, sector, sector segment and media environment level, for both print and digital. Periods can be freely defined. 

Detailed search function on a title basis

Extensive export possibilities

The results of EdiMon analyses can be presented as a Web pivot table, a Web report or as a table or be downloaded directly as a PowerPoint presentation or Excel sheet. Drag the individual clippings as an image directly onto your computer or download them as a collective export. Thanks to personalised alerts, you are always in the know!

Easy clipping export

Analyse from anywhere with the Web app

The EdiMon Tool is a browser-based application that enables analyses from anywhere where there is an internet connection. Spontaneous ad hoc researching just before or during a customer appointment are thus no longer a great challenge.

Analysis of editorial mentions in the EdiMon web app

Creating clippings fast

The EdiMon Tool creates clippings according to defined criteria at the press of a button. Elaborate manual work, for example for creating target group specific clippings for product managers, is no longer needed.

Creation of clippings in the EdiMon tool from AdVision digital
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