CRM integration: Our data in your systems

The heart of every sales organisation is the CRM system where all customer contacts are collected, qualified, and maintained. It is the central place of reference and the driving force for the salespersons and provides the management team with important insights for controlling.

It thus stands to reason to also display general market information about the customer in this system and to indicate identified potentials on the basis of external data. We at AdVision digital know this and thus offer you the first integration of our data and potential analyses in your CRM systems. In this way, invaluable competitive advantages can be developed from the combination of internal contacts and information and external market data.

data mapping

Data mapping

We enable the comparison and the allocation of our data with your CRM information to the customer concerned.


Interface design

Based on your requirements and your systems, we provide the necessary interfaces to integrate our data in your systems.

System integration

Implementation in your system

Together with you, we develop the shape and the location where the relevant information and key indicators from our data system are to be made available in your system. We programme any extensions that are necessary and implement them in your system environment.

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