AVM AV-Medienbeobachtung GmbH – a company of the AdVision Group – provides detailed information and a to the second collection of TV spots in the field of television advertising. All advertising blocks on more than 60 German-speaking TV channels are collected around the clock and analysed. The video quality is more than 6 megabytes per second and is recorded in MPEG 4 format and stored digitally.

The following types of channels are collected:

•    Two German public-service channels
•    26 private German channels
•    32 Sky-Pay TV channels
•    30 Austrian channels
•    Three channels from Switzerland
•    Four channels from England
•    Four channels from France
•    Four channels from Italy
•    Four channels from Spain
•    One channel from the Netherlands
•    One channel from Belgium

The data is analysed in 24/7 real time and kept 1:1 for 15 days. There is a screenshot of every scene of a TV spot. Placings of TV spots are transmitted into a database in real time. New spots are added with a 10-minute delay. This way, more than 75,000 new TV spots are collected every year. In addition to this are the ad specials such as sponsoring or split screen. The AdZyklopädie contains a total of around 750,000 TV spots that were placed on television in the period from 1986 to today.

The following data in the field of television is collected:

•    Exact broadcasting times (day and time)
•    Name of the channel  
•    Length of the TV spot
•    Information about the type of spot
•    Information about the advertising environment (possible in German TV to date)
•    Position of the TV spot in the advertising block
•    Information about where else the TV spot was broadcast
•    Information about the total budget

AdVision provides all the usual digital release formats:

•    MPEG2 (TV 1:1) in 6 MBit Full-PAL  
•    MPEG1
•    Adobe Flash
•    MPEG4 H.264 (for MAC Quicktime) in Full-PAL
•    WMV as ASF (Version 9 for Windows-Mediaplayer PC) in Full-PAL
•    3GP (for mobile phones)
•    Storyboard with nine images in Full-PAL as jpeg
•    Further formats on request

In addition, product and design codes are linked up intelligently with the ad motifs.

Please contact us if you would like to obtain an overview of the channels currently collected or if you would like us to monitor specific channels (national/international) for your company.

You can also search through our database for your desired title here.

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