Advertising efforts:
All media, all types of advertising

Our spending data provides an overview of the areas of the advertising market investments are currently being made in. It enables detailed analyses of the development of the advertising market – for classical themes and spots as well as for special advertising formats. As time-point or time course analyses. With placement and format information. And also, with theme files if requested. In short: As you need it. Almost in real time!

Gross spending on all levels

The data on advertising efforts enables analyses of gross spending on product, brand, group, generic, advertising medium or marketing levels. This way, absolute flexibility is developed at the greatest possible accuracy.

Data on advertising expenditure for spending analyzesn

Detailed industry and media systematics

The basis of our gross advertising data is a comprehensive, hierarchically structured and continuously updated trade catalogue, on the basis of which, every ad placement can be allotted standardised. This leads to transparent and comparable advertising statistics.

Englisch  Industry catalog for gross advertising data and advertising statistics

Versatile additional information

The advantage of knowledge: Besides basic information, our spending data also provides a variety of further information, e.g. on positioning, gross spending, industry and distribution schedules. And at your request, we will link up your sales data with our market data.

Englisch  Ad sales control with spending data

Placement-based data analysis

We document and analyse each individual placement for the data on advertising efforts. With the AdVision Publisher Tool, you have maximum analysis and extensive rating options. 

Circuit-based data analysis for advertising motifs with the publisher tool from AdVision digital

Your access to the spending data:

Advertising expenditure

AdVision Publisher-Tool

The dashboard tool for sales – simple competition and potential analyses at the push of a button


AdVision OLAP-Cube

Analysis for professionals – compile and analyse all data yourself in any aggregation

individual reports

Individuelle Reports

Provision of the data as a full Excel pivot or PowerPoint presentation in your design at your request

automatic alerts

Automatic alerts

Customised alerts, automatically by e-mail and adapted to your CI requirements


Interfaces in your systems

Our data integrated directly in your system: AdVision digital provides you with APIs for your systems

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