AdVision collects and archives about 25,000 new poster motifs every year and maps all relevant information with product and design codes in the AdZyklopädie. This equates to about 80 percent of all poster ads in Germany. In addition, poster ads are monitored and archived by the AdVision field workers.

AdVision digital collects the various out-of-home media in the following media-specific dimensions:

  •     OOH analogue-digital (analysis of advertising areas analogue vs. digital)
  •     OOH placing periods (analysis according to decade and CLP weeks)
  •     OOH touchpoint
  •     OOH subcategory
  •     OOH advertising media

The following poster advertising media are collected:

  •     City-Light-Board
  •     City-Light-Poster
  •     City-Light-Pillar
  •     Entire pillar
  •     Large surface
  •     Panorama surface
  •     Huge poster
  •     Other
  •     Advertising towers
  •     Videoboard

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