AdVision digital collects ads from about 2600 competition-relevant websites for the German-speaking Internet display advertising market. Internet campaigns are diligently determined with media value and reach for each advertising campaign, the advertising values are added and archived in the GWA AdZyklopädie. On the basis of this collected data, AdVision digital is in the position to provide information about brand leadership on the Internet.

We look for and categorise with the help of our cooperation partner zulu5 each graphic ad on the web that is delivered to users by the ad servers on the about 2600 monitored sites. All banner information, animations and placing types are collected. These are loaded by software robots and then checked, categorised and added to the GWA AdZyklopädie by staff in the data quality assurance department.

Upon request, customers can receive a monthly Top-100 market overview by e-mail of the latest Internet campaigns. This compilation reveals the latest developments of the advertising market on the Internet. Top companies are compared and climbers, relegates and newcomers are named.

The GWA AdZyklopädie offers the following information in addition in the medium Internet:

  •     Facts from real life for the field of strategy, marketing, and sales
  •     Information about the content of online advertising
  •     Information about the adaption of print and TV campaigns
  •     Differentiation of advertising motifs when adapting to various display formats
  •     Information about the product world advertising by competitors
  •     Useful basic data for consultants, creatives, or customers
  •     An archive of successful media plans and designs
  •     Sales assistance for advertising media and marketers through information about customers
  •     Assistance with pitch profit by presentation of competitor potentials

The following advertising media are collected#:

  •     Any banner advertising (e.g. Rectangles, Skyscrapers, Pop-Ups)
  •     Outstream video ads
  •     Pre-roll and In-stream videos
  •     Desktop/Mobile/Tablet (Youtube & Twitch)
  •     Native Advertising (Outbrain & Taboola)
  •     Affiliate advertising
  •     Programmatic advertising
  •     Non-programmatic advertising
  •     YouTube & Twitch
  •     Advertising motifs on social media platforms (Facebook & Instagram)

Please contact us if you would like to obtain an overview of the websites currently collected or if you would like us to monitor specific websites (national/international) for your company.

You can also search through our database for your desired title here.



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