Product Code

When collecting advertising, AdVision digital proceeds with a cross-branch and cross-product system. For each ad collected in TV, consumer magazines and trade journals, daily newspapers, cinema, Internet or on posters, general and media-specific data is collected on the basis of a product code developed specifically for the collection.

The following data is collected in general and cross-media for each ad motif:

•    The advertising company
•    The brand the product can be allocated to
•    The product/service advertised
•    The industry classification of the advertising company
•    The industry segment
•    The product group

Furthermore, there is a variety of specific advert information that depends on the respective media category. This information about the collection system is available in the detailed description of the respective media category – consumer magazines, trade journals, daily newspapers, TV, poster/out-of-home, cinema, Internet.

Most ad motifs are collected with a design code in addition to the product code. The design code contains important requirements of the content and rounds off the hard facts.

Hier können Sie auch unsere Datenbank nach Ihren gewünschten Titeln durchsuchen.


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