Content analysis:
Simple comparisons of editorial environments

The environment plays a decisive role in the effectiveness of advertising. It is all the more important to find or offer the right one. In the scope of the EdiCon tool (Editorial Content Monitors), we collect and code the content of magazines. This creates comparability of the contentual direction of editorial environments. For advertising in the right context!

Standardised collection

With holistic coding, we create comparability of the content structures of media. This way, we provide advertising customers valuable support in planning environments and analysing placements – and arguments for publishers selling advertising space.

Content analysis for ad sales

Detailed content profiles

600 theme clusters lead to detailed and differentiated content profiles. The hierarchical structure facilitates the choice of the degree of detail and thus the data basis for intelligent longitudinal and cross-section analyses.

Data analysis for advertising sales

Connectable with other information

The data of the EdiCon-Tool can easily be connected with the clipping data of our EdiMon Tool. This way, you receive indications about the thematic environment where an editorial mention has appeared. 

Editorial mentions clipping dates

Your access to the content analyses:

Microsoft Excel

Excel pivot

Provision of the data as a fully prepared Pivot table in Excel, in your design at your request


Interfaces in your systems

Our data integrated directly in your system: AdVision digital provides you with APIs for your systems

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