Media monitoring for creative agencies

The following holds true more than ever for communication and creative agencies: If you know the communication efforts of both existing and potential customers as well as of competitors, you can act cleverly and provide unique creations.

Excellent pitch preparation

With the advertising themes, we provide comprehensive information about the latest and even historical advertising campaigns. Via our creative database, you can do detailed and targeted searches. The results can be downloaded directly as an image or video file or be exported as an Excel or PowerPoint analysis.

Advertising motif database for creative agencies

Extensive creative screening

When it comes to good campaign ideas, it is important to make sure that nobody has had them before. AdVision digital provides the perfect tool with Ad Mit features such as the integrated headline search and detailed design codes. Creative agencies can search the database for headlines and claims as well as according to their concrete image compositions. The historical advertising archive AdHistory makes this possible even for the past 70 years.

Campaign research on headlines, slogans and design codes with the creative database Adzyklopaedie from AdVision digital

Identifying potentials and monitoring competition

Besides on the company, brand and products level, in our AdZyklopädie the advertising themes can also be searched according to agencies. Possible potentials can be easily identified thanks to competition analyses of the competitors. This way, we effectively support you in generating new business.

Identification of potential through competition observation with the AdZyklopaedie from AdVision digital

Our supply of data for creative agencies:

Advertising motifs

Advertising themes

The extensive creative database for campaign research



Information about creatives and producers behind campaigns



For more than 1000 categories as well as detailed search functions e.g. on VIPs

headlines slogans

Headlines/ slogans

Facilitate competition analyses, the avoidance of plagiarism and creative inspiration

Full text search

Full-text search

Research texts from radio and TV spots, printed adverts, and banners

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