Editorial mentions:
Monitoring PR presence

One side of successful communication is advertising. But, of course, public perception within the scope of reporting is as equally important. We present you with both: In the EdiMon Tool (Editorial Mentioning Monitor), we collect editorial mentions on a company, brand and product level, rate them and compare them with the respective advertising effort. Data for a full picture of successful communication!

Digital credit database

All mentions and images are collected, coded, and filed with a screenshot in the extensive database.  This is how a freely searchable and visual credit database is created. 


Rating the tonality

Not every report is positive for a company. For this reason, we rate every mention on a three-step scale: Positive, neutral, and negative. A current mood is generated automatically on this basis.


Rating in euros

Even if it is not paid for, every positive editorial report has a communicative value. To determine this, all mentions are rated with a media value in accordance with corresponding tariff data in the EdiMon tool. This is called the advert equivalence value. This makes PR and advertising comparable and simplifies controlling communication.


Your access to EdiMon data:


EdiMon Tool

Tabular, web-based analysis tool for fast analyses


AdVision OLAP Cube

Analysis for professionals –compiling and analysing all data in any aggregation


Customised reports

Provision of the data as a full Excel pivot or PowerPoint presentation in your design at your request


Automatic alerts

Individual alerts, automatically sent by e-mail and adapted to your CI requirements


Interfaces in your systems

Our data directly integrated in your systems: AdVision digital provides you with APIs for  your systems

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