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A decisive factor for the advertising impact of ads is the thematic environment. Study results show that ads placed in a theme-related environment are viewed more frequently and for longer periods of time; the theme environment is therefore a significant multiplier of advertising recall. A suitable tool for identifying the appropriate thematic environment of an advertisement is the Edicon tool of the AdVision Content Monitor. 

With the Content Monitor, the structure of the content of print and digital media can be quantified, analysed and clearly prepared. For this purpose, the editorial content of approx. 470 print titles is classified hierarchically according to main topics, superordinate topics and individual topics. This uniform categorisation makes it possible to determine the editorial focus of a title and to present it in detail.

Aims of the Content Monitor

With the Content Monitor, title selection and ad placement can be optimised on the basis of editorial topics. The Content Monitor answers the following questions: Which magazine titles offer the appropriate editorial environments and topic structures for campaigns? How are magazines structured thematically and how do they position themselves editorially in their competitive environment?

Simple identification of thematically matching print environments

Structure of the Content Monitor

A content analysis forms the basis of the Content Monitor. For this purpose, all pages of the analysed advertising medium are categorised into main, main and individual topics using a hierarchical topic system. Up to 4 individual topics are assigned per title page. This system guarantees a representation of the entire spectrum of topics.

Quantitative media planning with the EdiCon tool from AdVision digital

Benefits for advertisers

The Content Monitor enables advertisers to find the title and issue area that offers the best thematic fit for the planned advertising campaign. In addition, the thematic placements of competitors can be analysed and any trends can be reacted to. Advertisers thus have the advantage of increasing the advertising impact of their own campaigns and identifying competitors' positioning strategies.

Title positioning for strategic advertising planning for publishers with the EdiCon tool from AdVision digital

Benefits for publishers

With the help of the Content Monitor, publishers have a suitable tool for optimising ad sales. By analysing the thematic booking behaviour of potential advertising customers, targeted environment offers can be created in the published titles. In addition, the content monitor can be used to align with the competition or to consciously stand out from it.

Title positioning for strategic advertising planning for publishers with the EdiCon tool from AdVision digital
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