Pharmacy Magazines

AdVision digital processes more than 350 pharmacy magazines for the German market on a daily basis and thus a majority of the RX advertising expenditure. In addition, information from 15 international pharmacy titles is collected and archived.

We thus respond to the increased demand for pharmacy communication monitoring and, in the meantime, dispose of the highest number of publications in the industry.

All large pharmaceutical agencies belonging to the GWA obtain the advertising documentation and expenditure from both the OTC and the RX area of AdVision digital. The data provided forms a key pillar for the marketing and strategic orientation of the pharma industry, publishers and other service providers in the prescription and self-medication business.

Media distribution schedules, adverts, advertising expenditure and placings form a part of the communication analysis in the prescription market (ethical area/RX) and self-medication market (OTC). This data forms the basis for advertising tracking, competitor analyses, controlling placements, media analyses and media planning.

The following types pharmacy magazines are monitored:

•    Pharmacies/medical/healthcare (branch-specific customer mag.)
•    Parent magazines
•    Healthcare magazines
•    Consumer goods
•    Food (branch-specific customer mag.)
•    Medicine and healthcare
•    Pharmacy
•    Other magazines (national)
•    Economy in general
•    Hairdressers’/drugstores/perfumeries (branch-specific customer mag.)
•    Scientific journals

In addition, product and design codes are linked up intelligently with the ad motifs.

Please contact us if you would like to obtain an overview of the magazines currently collected or if you would like us to monitor specific titles (national/international) for your company.

You can also search through our database for your desired title here.

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