At-Retail Media

At-retail media addresses the consumer directly at the point-of-sale by placing ads in the shop or in the car park. According to the Fachverband Außenwerbung (FAW), 85 percent of consumers in Germany are familiar with the OOH media at and in food retailing; in the younger target groups, even up to 92 percent.  

Besides traditional large surface areas outdoors as well as screens in the shopping centres, there are advertising spaces such as shopping trolleys, product dividers or door and floor spaces (door media; floor media).

AdVision digital collects the various out-of-home media in the following media-specific dimensions:

  •     OOH analogue-digital (analysis of advertising areas analogue vs. digital)
  •     OOH placing periods (analysis according to decade and CLP weeks)
  •     OOH touchpoint
  •     OOH subcategory
  •     OOH advertising media

AdVision digital collects at-retail screens in the touchpoints retail, shopping malls and supermarkets.

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