Radio/Sound Broadcasting

The sound broadcasting market is distinguished by its high degree of regionality. For this medium, we monitor 76 individual radio stations, of which 40 are public-service and 36 are private stations.

In addition, all the usual radio combinations are considered and features, e.g.:

•    Lokalfunk Kombi Westfalen
•    Rheinland Kombi Köln

In addition, competitions as well as programme and story sponsoring are collected, if they are placed within advertising blocks. The sound broadcasting spots are stored in the second and are evaluated with tariff data (gross placing costs).

For the medium sound broadcasting, AdVision makes available both the individual placings and the recorded radio spots within the AdZyklopädie.

The following additional information is collected:

•    Design ID
•    Branch classification (product code)
•    Company, brand, products
•    Time, date and period of ad placing
•    Advertising medium/station
•    Length of spot
•    Details of individual and total costs

AdVision provides in the following format:

•    Design data mp3 format
•    Story in text format

Please contact us if you would like to obtain an overview of the stations currently collected or if you would like us to monitor specific stations (national/international) for your company.

You can also search through our database for your desired title here.

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