Official and municipal gazettes

Since 01/2022, AdVision digital has also been recording official gazettes and newsletters at the request of customers. Official gazettes and bulletins form the basis for official announcements and provide information on local politics, important dates or current offers from local businesses. They also provide information about the activities of churches or associations.

AdVision collects all data relevant for a survey in the field of official and municipal gazettes:

  • Publisher with whom the ad was placed
  • Title in which the ad was placed
  • Title issue in which the ad was placed
  • Information on which page the advertisement was placed
  • Information about the color of the advertisement
  • Format and size of the advertisement
  • Information about the price at which the ad was booked

In addition, product and design codes are intelligently linked to the ad motifs.

If you would like to receive an overview of the currently recorded titles or if you would like us to monitor special titles (national/international) for your company, please contact us.

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