Design Code

A large selection of the ad motifs is given further relevant data concerning the creative and format-related aspects in addition to the product code. This data is bundled in the so-called design code. This contains important requirements of the content and supplements the hard facts of campaign designs by adding details worth knowing. This includes the naming of advertising measures that have been given a sought-after advertising award (for example, ADC-Award, Cannes Lions or Clio-Award).

Advertising measures are allocated to subcategories and codes that enable selections according to the content. The design code covers a total of 14 categories, about 100 subcategories and about 100 detail codes.

Examples of design code categories:

•    Architecture
•    Food/drink
•    Things
•    Geography
•    Culture/art
•    Landscape
•    People
•    Plants/animals
•    Sport/leisure
•    Textures/typography  

Example of a design code category with subcategories and detail codes:

The design code category “people” has seven subcategories: “Groups/couples”, “skin colours”, “in context”, “in action”, “in uniform”, “parts of the body” and “without context”. A total of 215 detail codes are collected in this category alone.

Example for subcategory "in uniform" in the design code category “people”:

•    Fire brigade
•    Captain/sailor
•    Court
•    Hotel/restaurant
•    Medical professions
•    Pilot/astronaut
•    Police/military
•    Other profession
•    Baker
•    Stewardess/flight attendant

The collection of ad motifs not only enables targeted research but also the search for sponsored advertising or special types of advertising. AdVision digital fulfils even special requirements of spoken or picture language when searching for advertising campaigns.

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