Healthcare Marketing

The aim of healthcare marketing is both the addressing of players in the healthcare industry such as pharmaceutical companies, health insurance agencies, chemists and physicians, and consumers interested in healthcare. This diversified target group produces corresponding subgroups of healthcare marketing, such as pharma marketing, dental marketing, or health insurance agency marketing. The products to be marketed include those that serve the restoring or maintaining of health, i.e., medical and pharmaceutical products as well as sports and wellness products.

Health marketing offers diversified opportunities. Above all, in the field of content marketing, an abundance of specific knowledge can be utilized for questions posed by potential customers. And the analysis of search patterns enables the targeted addressing. On the other hand, some things are also to be observed. Advertising for medical products is permitted in essence, yet the market is strictly regulated with many advertising stipulations. This applies, above all, to prescription drugs (RX), which must not be advertised in front of the consumer in line with consumer protection.

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