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Welcome to AdVision

AdVision digital: Your independent expert for media monitoring

It is extremely important for successful companies to monitor their competitors, constantly analyze commercials and reassess their market position. Often, operational and strategic decisions can only be made and  new market chances and risks identified after a thorough monitoring of the market and  competitors.

The monitoring of competitors is becoming more and more important on global markets every day.

AdVision digital GmbH has been monitoring communications for more than ten years in almost all relevant forms of media and boasts Germany's biggest media database. The GWA-AdZyklopaedie is at the very heart of AdVision digital and contains more than two million ad motifs that are not only archived, but also linked to background information in an intelligent manner, which thus generates a great deal of key figures in this sector.
AdVision digital delivers campaign motifs including ad expenditure of sectors, markets and companies, put together to meet our clients' individual requirements. This allows data right down to the product level to be laid out.


AdVision digital extensively monitors the following media at all times:




General as well as trade and commercial magazines - daily newspapers - cinema - television - posters/out-of-home and Internet

A short overview on AdVision digital's services:



  • Workshop aimed to identifying requirements
  • Presentations with key figures on special market segments
  • Startup consulting with market screening


  • Providing accounts, tailored to suit the client's corporate identity
  • Embedding the GWA-AdZyklopaediee into the client's intranet
  • Providing individual media monitoring in the company's account
  • Setting up message services (alerts) in the company's account

Media monitoring

  • Individual monitoring of market segments, advertising environments and competing companie
  • Monitoring of special print media and TV stations
  • Monitoring of foreign markets
  • Daily/weekly message services (alerts) on ad activities via mail
  • Data processing based on monthly/quarterly reports
  • Providing the reports as PPT or in our individually configured online tool

Independent control of ad placements
TV emission control
Print emission control

Ad archives

  • TV-History: Historical TV archive
  • AdHistory: Historical print archive
  • Individual ad archives in our online tool

Further services

  • AdSlogans: Ad slogans database
  • Checking ad motifs for plagiarism/rip-offs

Do we have your attention? We are looking forward to hearing from you.

About the GWA-AdCyclopedia

The very heart of AdVision digital GmbH

The GWA-AdZyklopaedie is a database of competitive intelligence on the internet that allows extensive research on the subject of advertising. Customers can check every time campaigns, spendings and distribution plans. The observation extends to the following media: consumer and trade magazines, newspapers, television, poster, cinema and Internet. For this purpose AdVision scan daily ads, TV commercials, websites, posters, cinema spots and other media all digital managed and archived.